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Have you seen our new homewear collection and don't know which ones to choose? Easy: pyjamas and dressing gowns! It was clear to us that we wanted these two garments to be the backbone of this collection, since in recent months all of us in the TDS team have been looking for "buy women's pyjamas" or "buy a dressing gown". In our collection you will find beautiful and very comfortable pyjamas and, of course, a dressing gown to combine them with.

Latest trends in women's pyjamas

At The Desire Shop it was clear to us that we wanted to bring you a wide collection of homewear garments that meet two basic requirements in all our garments: design and comfort. Outside the home, sometimes we can stand a couple of hours on top of a pair of boots that are too high or a dress that is too tight; but not at home, at home we want to be super comfortable and warm, especially in autumn and winter.

Within our selection of pyjamas for women you will find soft garments, with quality fabrics and a modern design, whether they are plain pyjamas or pyjamas with prints, we want you to look beautiful with the model that you like the most. Our collection of homewear is available in our online shop and in our physical shop.

Shirt collar pyjamas, the most desired look

The first shirt collar pyjamas we launched in pink and grey with gold trim didn't even last 24 hours! They tend to be pyjamas that we identify with more classic women who choose to wear a lot of basic garments and neutral tones in their daily lives. The key to the success of this style of pyjama is the V-neck polo neck, which always stylises the neck area (something we also like to wear on dresses and shirts).

As we have seen that shirt pyjamas are your favourite, we will keep growing our collection with different colours and prints.

Fleece pyjamas, the star pyjama every winter!

The Desire Shop is based in Boiro, a village in Galicia (northern Spain), and that makes us experts in garments against the cold and rain. Every autumn and winter season we launch a collection of beautiful and warm coats, jackets and jumpers and with the homewear collection we didn't want to be left behind and 50% of our pyjamas and 100% of our dressing gowns are made of soft and warm fabrics.

Coraline pyjamas are the most sought after every winter because they combine comfort and style with a super warm fabric that will make you want to cuddle up to yourself.

A pyjama for every woman’s look

In theory, it might seem that all pyjamas were fine for all women because perhaps until now we had not stopped to choose a pyjama that we really liked. Until The Desire Shop came along with a whole host of women's pyjamas. It's for a good cause, we want our customers to feel beautiful at home and to have a pair of pyjamas that fits their streetwear style.

If you are a more classic woman who always goes for classic or basic garments, your favourite pyjamas from the TDS homewear collection are sure to be the shirt pyjamas with gold trim and if you want to give them an original touch, combine them with the flame dressing gown and printed slippers.

If you want to add a fun touch to your homewear, choose one of our printed shirt pyjamas or one of our fleece pyjamas with animal detail. They're not too flashy, so you can wear them with one of our plain dressing gowns and slippers.

Warm dressing gowns to go with your pyjamas

No pyjamas without a dressing gown, no dressing gown without pyjamas. The best accessory for your pyjamas is a dressing gown (and the warmer the better). Winter is inaugurated when we rescue our fleece pyjamas and put a dressing gown over them. So... The Desire Shop has ushered in winter 2020!

All our women's dressing gowns are the warmest on the market and in styles we offer you a discreet one-colour model with special details or two-colour dressing gowns with beautiful prints (especially animal prints, haha).