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Your favourite outfits, blazer and trouser or skirt suits, dresses and jumper or jogging trousers and sweatshirt. Make the most of it with your outfits together or separately. 

Dare to wear a women's suit!

Women's suits are becoming more and more popular every season. Whether it's for the combination options offered together or separately or for the convenience of having a complete look, we love women's suits!

More often than not, we think of a suit and the visual image that comes to mind is a business outfit and this leads us to think that the suit is only for women who work in an office. WRONG! A blazer and pleated trousers set is perfect to wear from Monday to Friday with trainers or on weekends with a pair of high heels, give it your personal touch and you won't want to wear anything else!

At the beginning (and now also) you could find these garments in separate sections but seeing the furor they are causing we have dared to create an exclusive section for all those addicted to suits, it will be much easier for you to put together the perfect outfit.

Women's suits in flowing fabrics, giving you the utmost comfort

Enter our Outfits section and you will be amazed by the beautiful outfits we have. Always made with comfortable fabrics that allow us to incorporate all kinds of shoes to have millions of different looks.

Printed or plain? With details? Depending on the style and what you are looking for you will want one or the other or a mix of two styles. Choose a plain suit and you can personalise it with printed t-shirts and embossed details or with printed shirts and blouses. A printed women's suit sometimes limits us more and we opt for basic shirts and t-shirts, a guaranteed success!

The footwear will depend more on each style and each occasion. There are suits that have a more elegant fabric and that allow you to wear a good pair of high heels and some nice jewellery. Most of you who go for more casual looks can always combine it with white trainers or chunky trainers, whatever the cut of the suit.

Special event? Try a feminine suit!

Whatever the next special event you have planned, we are sure that a women's suit will suit you perfectly: company events, outing with friends, special dinner with your partner, christening or communion, in our Outfits section you will find the perfect suit!

We suggest you to combine it with pumps or high heeled sandals and eye-catching accessories: big earrings, animal rings, necklaces that stand out, visit The Desire Shop's women's jewellery section and let yourself be captivated!

Jacket and trouser sets for the casual woman

Beyond the so-called suit, we find different outfits formed by jacket and trousers, perhaps thinking more in spring looks. These will be garments that you will get even more out of, as the jackets can be used as a shirt, over shirt, cardigan, etc. Without forgetting the looks that we can do with trousers, which will normally be in the same tone and with a more fluid fabric.

Are you more classic or would you dare to wear a matching set of jacket and trousers?

Knitwear sets, a 2 for 1

Are you a fan of comfortable and chic looks? Knitted outfits are very popular in autumn and winter, especially those made with a skirt and jumper in earth tones. They are comfortable and stylish, you can wear them with boots or chunky trainers, adapting the style to every occasion.

Special knitwear for women

At The Desire Shop it's no secret that we're mega fans of knitwear all year round, from embroidered cardigans to long knitted dresses. And outfits are no exception - welcome to the knitted jumper and skirt craze!

Once again, versatile garments are taking over our online women's fashion shop and your wardrobe and dressing room. Get one of our knitted sets and you'll have pieces for different outfits, as you can combine the skirt with another jumper or with a blouse; and the jumper with jeans and country boots is always a good option to go for!

Knitted dress and knitted top, an ideal outfit

Another comfortable look you can pull off with a knitted outfit is a dress and top or a dress and jumper. Either of the two options will help you get dressed every morning without having to think too much about it.

Whether it's a knitted set, a blazer and trouser set or a women's suit, we can assure you that you'll get a lot out of the two pieces that make it up. Once you try it, you'll want to try it again.