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Both sweatshirts and jumpers are garments normally associated with cold days, autumn and winter. But at The Desire Shop we offer you fine knitted jumpers that you will also wear in summer and sweatshirts for your most comfortable looks all year round. Go to our jumpers and sweatshirts section and let yourself fall in love with our garments with free shipping and you will have it at home in 24 hours.

If you are one of those who usually go for comfortable looks that follow the trends that set the Street style our sweatshirts will make you fall in love. In addition to basic plain sweatshirts for women we also have a wide range of sweatshirts with print on the front, sweatshirts with puffed sleeves, sweatshirts with studs and a long list of colours and prints.

The same goes for our jumper collection. In this section you will find the best jumpers for women: chunky knit to combine with skirts, fine knit to wear with jeans, openwork knit to wear with a basic shirt or with sequins to give a different touch to your basic looks.

Women's sweatshirts for casual and comfortable looks

We have to confess that in The Desire Shop team, most of us are committed to comfortable, feminine and different looks. Three adjectives that characterise all the garments that you will find in our women's fashion shops. The thought that sweatshirts are for men or that we only wear them to go to the gym has been left behind and has given way to spectacular looks with women's sweatshirts, even appearing on fashion catwalks.

Some of our favourite looks for autumn and winter are the ones that combine jeans with a hoodie, fleece coat and chunky trainers. Especially if the sweatshirt has a nice detail: studs, puffed sleeves, sequins, prints, patterns, etc. Now more than ever, comfort is not at odds with style.

If you're looking for the perfect basics, a basic sweatshirt will help you every morning!

We recently launched a category that you've wanted to get your hands on for a long, long time. The fact is that we're increasingly opting to buy the perfect basic garments that allow us to combine different looks and special outfits. Among our perfect basics for women there are sweatshirts, plain sweatshirts, plain hooded sweatshirts or crew neck sweatshirts. If you don't want to get dressed as soon as you wake up, get one of our basic sweatshirts for women.

For those Mondays when just getting out of bed is a big enough effort, we suggest a basic composed of classics: comfortable garments in light tones that go with everything: black, white, denim. For those who manage to get out of bed quickly, we reckon you should combine our basic sweatshirts with cargo trousers, midi skirts or sequined jeans. Adapt our most basic garments to your style.

What to combine your denim garments with: a printed sweatshirt!

They might be basics, but if they have a printed design, they take on a totally different look. What do you think of printed t-shirts and sweatshirts? We love them and every season we look to expand our selection to offer sweatshirts with empowering messages, fun patterns or glitter touches. In short, they are garments that maintain the essence of the basics and add a special touch to your everyday looks.

Skirts and jeans go with everything and if you wear them with sweatshirts you will have a sporty chic and feminine outfit. Wear them with platform trainers and you'll be a hit with your friends. Combine with pleated trousers, sweatshirt and shirt to go to the office and change the shirt for a T-shirt with a ruffle at the hem to be more comfortable.

Hoodies or hoodless sweatshirts: what’s your style? 

When we talk about sweatshirts, the eternal dilemma always comes up: hoodies or hoodless sweatshirts. As with everything in life, there is nothing set in stone when it comes to tastes and preferences. For many it depends on the outer garment and for others it simply depends on what we feel like that day. Without a doubt, one of the combinations that never fails is the combination of jeans, white trainers, camel coat and grey hoodie. Are you already imagining it and you feel like wearing it?
Jumper lovers, I'm sure you're more of a hoodless sweatshirt lover. On those days when you tend to go more casual, you'll want to wear a sweatshirt more than a jumper. Women's sweatshirts also look great with pleated trousers or a satin midi skirt - give it a try!

Jumpers are not (only) a winter thing

You read that right: jumpers are not only for cold weather (especially for those of you who live in the north). It's true that in spring, autumn and winter the selection of jumpers is much wider because there is a great diversity of knits, prints, cuts and styles. But also, in summer we bring you fine knitted jumpers in pastel shades and bright colours for when the sun goes down.

Fine knitted jumpers, the star garment of the half-time season

Our title says it all: jumpers have a life beyond winter and, especially in the north, you can also wear them in spring, autumn and summer! When the sun is approaching but the heat doesn't arrive, fine knitted jumpers fill our website so you can combine them with lingerie tops or long t-shirts; together with skinny jeans and mules it will be the look you always want to wear when you don't know what to wear.

In the mid-season the colours that predominate are neutral tones, pastel colours... the wardrobe starts to fill with colour but only in the background. Nude, navy, pale pink, aqua green will be those tones that will take over our wardrobe every spring.

Opt for jumpers with sequins every season

One of the characteristics of our jumpers (and of all our womenswear) are the small details that turn those basic jumpers into spectacular garments. Depending on the season, the accessories change but there is one that always comes back: sequins. Whether they form a line at the bottom of the jumper or a large pattern on the front, sequins will become the stars of your look.

Women's pullovers with a perfect back

Another item that always comes back every season are jumpers with special details on the back: buttons, tulle, lace... Some of the most popular proposals in these cases are the looks of jumpers with buttons on the back with a basic shirt underneath or chunky knit jumpers with lace details on the hem or cuffs. In the end, these are the garments that become our favourites when we have to resort to knitwear.

And you, which one matches your style?