In The desire shop you will find the best selection of shirts and blouses online for women. Among our collection you will find basic shirts for your day to day, printed shirts, white shirts, denim shirts. To give a chic touch to your looks, blouses with lace, blouses with ruffles and blouses with boho style...

Get inspired by our bloggers to combine them or in the looks that we propose you. Place your order comfortably from home and receive it in 24-48 hours and if you don't like it you can change it or return it. Remember that the shipping is free from 39,95€.


Every week, new blouses

Another of those garments that do not miss in our online shop in summer and winter with blouses, varying the fabric and composition are able to adapt to every look regardless of the season. The blouses are perfect to combine with any bottom and outer garment. Basic blouse with midi skirt, printed blouse to give a touch to your skinny jeans, plain blouses to wear with suits for women and we could go on giving ideas of looks without getting tired.

Shirts and blouses are those articles that allow us to wear them with basic t-shirts underneath and knitted cardigans over them to get thousands of different combinations, they will become your favourite wardrobe!

Lace blouses for plain skirts and trousers

We have to confess that our weakness are the garments with details: blouses with lace, blouses with pearls on the neck, blouses with lace on the pocket, etc. Studs, sequins, pearls, we want it all!

The blouses with lace sleeves will be perfect to combine with a mini skirt and a pair of high boots to wear for the weekend. Blouses with all lace fabric will be ideal to combine with basic skirts and trousers, you will give the special touch that those plain garments need.

Give a touch to your looks with our ruffle blouses.

If there's one way that defines The Desire Shop style, it's ruffles, we're in love with all ruffle garments! T-shirts with ruffles at the bottom, blazers with ruffles at the waist, dresses with ruffles at the bottom... all of them!

One of our most special items and that are a hit every season are the blouses with ruffles (on sleeves, bottom, neckline, shoulders) because they are very flattering to all kind of bodies. For example, a short-sleeved blouse with ruffles on the hem is ideal with skinny trousers, high-heeled ankle boots and a leather-effect biker.

No matter how small the ruffles are, they will always be an eye-catching detail for women's blouses and shirts. A very feminine touch for all your looks.

Basic blouses for suits and outfits

There is no better than the basic garments, they are our favourite wardrobe background because they never go out of fashion, as they say. But beyond being those articles to which we can always resort when we don't know what to wear, they are also elegant blouses to wear with suits and outfits.

There is life beyond waxed trousers and skinny jeans. It seems that we always resort to this type of garments but for sure that incorporating a suit for women with a basic blouse you will have even more wardrobe background, especially if the suit is colourblock, that is to say, basic, plain and of a single colour.

Basic shirts, replenished every season

A basic that you always ask us for and that we always have in stock is our basic white shirt, long, one size fits perfectly up to size 40. A women's shirt that you can combine with literally everything in your wardrobe: under jumpers, with knitted waistcoats to show off the sleeves, with sweatshirts to give it a chic touch or simply showing it all off as the main top.

And we have double good news for those of you who are loyal to the basics. Now you can find your favourite garments in the Basics section, and they are garments that sell out quickly, so be on the lookout and don't run out of them. And the other good news is that every season we are adding new colours to our best-selling women's shirts, now also in blue!

Denim shirts for a total denim look

As a good promoter of women's outfits and ensembles, we also love total looks, whether they are made of the same colour or fabric. A sample of this are the total denim looks: combining denim shirts with skirts or jeans.

Would you dare to wear an outfit with a denim shirt with lace details, skinny jeans and cowboy boots? We wouldn't hesitate! A stylish look with a country touch.

The most daring prints are our shirts for women.

Beyond the basic shirts and denim shirts, there are shirts for women with all kinds of prints: abstract, polka dots, embossed patterns, fringes, golden details, etc.
A nice print will give a different touch to your basics, helping to make all your looks different and not boring.

In autumn and winter, printed shirts tend to come in earth tones, greys or darker colours; although it is true that we are becoming more and more encouraged with looks with light garments, for example, white and ecru trousers have become a must all year round.

The spring season usually comes loaded with prints in pastel tones and the closer we get to summer, they change to pink and more striking tones, because summer is for showing off beautiful colours and filling our wardrobe with colour.

Dare to combine different prints, you will create perfect combinations that you had never imagined.