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Is it like us that we are looking for more and more beautiful clothes to wear at home? I'm sure many of you have clothes that are several years old and are the ones you wear at home (we confess that we do too). But, like everyone else, during the last few months we have been forced to spend more time at home than we would like and we have had a lot of time to review our homewear collection and we have thrown our hands to our heads because we didn't have anything nice to look nice and comfortable at home. That's why in The Desire Shop we have been working hard to bring you as soon as possible a collection of limited units of stylish clothes to be at home.

Women's pyjamas, beautiful and super comfortable

The most important thing in pyjamas for us is comfort. We like to be at home and feel comfortable, without buttons or trousers that are too tight. And the second most important thing is to look good. You know our motto: comfort is not incompatible with style. Within the homewear collection of The Desire Shop you will find pyjamas with soft fabrics and modern designs for all tastes.

Below we explain a little about the types of pyjamas that you will find on our website and in our physical shop and, as always, you can tell us your preferences so that we can incorporate them into the catalogue as soon as possible.

Shirt style pyjamas for more classic women’s looks

The rules of fashion trends tell us that women who have a more classic and sober style of dressing usually choose shirt pyjamas, whether they are silk pyjamas or cotton pyjamas. The shirt collar, also known as the polo neck, is always stylish, which is why it is one of our favourites.

The solution to cold nights: fleece jersey pyjamas

As autumn bids farewell and winter approaches, many of us start to look for warmer clothes, even at home. To fight against the coldest nights, the best thing to do is to buy a pair of fleece pyjamas and match them with a nice dressing gown. In our new loungewear section, you will find different models of both garments.

And you, which team are you: plain pyjamas or printed pyjamas?

In our homewear collection you will find a pair of pyjamas for every personality, which we divide into two main groups: homewear without print or with print (although within this second group you will be able to choose between multiple options).

If you are one of those who go for plain and basic garments, you will only have to worry about which colour matches you best. On the other hand, if you like prints, we make it a little more complicated (always with good intentions), although our favourites are those with animal motifs, in particular, polar pyjamas with kittens or sloths.

Bathrobes, the best complement for women's pyjamas

When we think of bringing the collection of clothes to be at home we automatically think of the basics that could not be missing: first, pyjamas (lots of pyjamas) and second, dressing gowns. It's not winter until we put on warm pyjamas and over them a nice dressing gown with big pockets and a belt.

In the homewear section of The Desire Shop you'll find a great collection of dressing gowns that will go with all your women's pyjamas. Have you already chosen your favourite combo?

Warm house slippers for cold feet

Haven't you discovered the best footwear invention of the 2020 season yet? Yay! Our slippers with soft fur lining to keep your feet warm, even when you have to take the rubbish outside. Plus, the latest streetstyle trends also tell us that with some cute socks you can even dare to walk around in them. Defend your personality!

Knitwear outfits for indoors and outdoors

One of the trends of this summer/autumn 2020 has been and still is the knitted outfit, both in its version of T-shirt and shorts, as well as long-sleeved jersey and shorts or long trousers. Those of us who have tried them know that they are the most comfortable garments for going to work, the supermarket and with a basic shirt we can wear them on any weekend.

And we also know that more than one of you are also wearing them at home, especially as a teleworking uniform. TDS TRICK! If you're working from home and you have a meeting where you have to be seen, you can wear a basic stretch shirt underneath, a shirt with a shirt collar or even a loose collar and it will look like you're wearing a cute jumper with a shirt underneath.

Are you missing anything from our new loungewear collection? Send us an email to [email protected] and give us your ideas, we’d be delighted to keep expanding the section!