Welcome to The Desire Shop section where you will find the best t-shirts and tops at the best prices. Two garments that can be used both in summer and winter. In summer, to give the last touch to your look and in winter to go perfectly under jumpers and jackets.

On our website and in our physical shops you will find the best selection of women's t-shirts online, from the most basic t-shirts with special details or fun messages to those tops made with fabrics perfect for party looks.

Get inspiration from our bloggers to combine your favourite t-shirts or from the looks we propose on the web and on our social networks. Place your order comfortably from home and receive it in 24-48 hours and if you don't like it you can exchange it or return it. 

And you, are you more of basic t-shirts or printed t-shirts?

In The Desire Shop we know that many of you are loyal to t-shirts because on many occasions they are more comfortable than shirts and blouses. In fashion there is nothing written and the world is divided between the team of the basic t-shirts and the basic white shirt to combine with all the looks all year round.

Always at the foot of the cannon, in our web you will always find the best solution for your style, from the most classic to the most daring. Without forgetting the "TDS T-shirts", T-shirts designed in Spain by The Desire Shop team, responding to all the requests we receive daily. Remember that you will find these T-shirts and all the garments we have designed in the exclusive TDS Collection section.

Basic t-shirts for your essential wardrobe basics

As you know, one of the sections we give most importance to is our basics section, as they are the ones that help us the most when we don't know what to combine with daring prints. Every season we make sure to fill it with all kinds of garments, both for a total look with basics and for those rarer combinations.

And which item of clothing is a must-have in basics? That's right! Both in our section of T-shirts and Tops and in the Basics range you will find basic T-shirts for women that are super comfortable and that will help to highlight your figure without taking the limelight away from the rest of the more special garments.

For those of you who are more classic and don't want to take any risks, on our website you will always find the most beautiful T-shirts in black and white. But we also have a solution for those of you who like colour, as a basic t-shirt can also be in khaki, purple, grey, blue... and much more! and much more!
These garments are a wardrobe essential. Their combinations are infinite and in our online shop we offer you all the t-shirts you need.

Choose those with a more daring print to give the touch that your outfit lacks or those simpler ones to combine with other more daring garments. The possibilities are endless! 

TDS T-shirts, exclusive T-shirts designed in Spain

If you are looking for cool t-shirts you can't miss our collection of TDS t-shirts. Designed by us with special care and with original details. You have them in short sleeves and in different colours. From our Paco The Dog collection t-shirt with the print of our favourite dog, to our rugby t-shirts with a diamond detail, to the Choose TDS collection t-shirts with full colour initials, choose your favourite!


Soft and cosy knit tops

Knit tops are on trend and at The Desire Shop we have the cutest ones. Also, the knitted top and cardigan set is very popular, check out our outfit section to see them too!

Combine them with your favourite jeans or skirts. They are ideal for both everyday wear and for more special occasions, it all depends on the touch you want to give it.

We have them in neutral tones so you can match them with your entire wardrobe or in bright colours to add a little colour to your day. Some of them have such a soft and comfortable fabric that you won't want to take them off!