TDS COLLECTION by The Desire Shop

Are you looking for a brand designed in Spain at affordable prices? We bring you everything you’ve always wanted with our TDS COLLECTION.

  •          Designed in Spain.
  •          Made mostly in Spain and some pieces in Italy
  •          Exclusive designs.
  •          Top quality fabrics.

Fashion designed in Spain

All the items you will find in our TDS COLLECTION section are designed exclusively in Spain by The Desire Shop team, led by the influencer Cristina Cerqueiras. Fashion inspired by the catwalks of the latest fashion weeks that allows us to bring the latest trends to every customer’s home.

Designs thought out for the modern woman using very feminine garments but without losing the essence of our brand: comfort and design are not at odds. That’s why all our garments are designed to be versatile and allow you to wear them for any occasion just by changing the shoes, accessories or jacket.

We listen to you. Every day we get hundreds of comments on our website, our social networks and in our physical shops from customers and followers who ask us to create garments that they miss and that is an impulse when we start to design the garments that then go on sale every week. Help us and keep leaving us comments about those clothes that you want so much and that you find difficult to find.

TDS Tracksuits, the essence of our fashion collection

Those of you who have known us for months or years know that our flagship has been and still is the comfortable outfits, often called tracksuits. The first one to take-off was the short tracksuit with T-shirt and shorts in thousands of colours and even with the print of the season: the tie dye. And they swept you off your feet!
With the desire for comfy looks well and truly taking over and the cooler weather approaching, you started suggesting warmer options that had been in the pipeline for a while. That’s how our sweatshirt and skirt, t-shirt and cropped trousers and the more classic tracksuit with sweatshirt were born.
You liked them so much that we've decided to go for something a bit more daring but still feminine and comfortable. Take a look at the Outfits section and discover the new tracksuit with a sweatshirt with flap pocket and striped trousers.

The feminine outfit you've always dreamed of

Another of our most recent creations are our blazer and trousers or mini skirt - trousers outfits. Keeping with the total look range but switching up the knit and cotton for tracksuits, we bet on the design of our outfit for women, without abandoning the comfort (try our trousers and skirts and you will understand what we mean by this).

Long, lined blazer with our logo embroidered on one lapel and in three colours ranging from camel, the most classic colour, to bondi blue and olive, bold colours that you will fall in love with at first sight.

And you choose what to match it with: trousers or skirt? We couldn't just stick to one option and that's why we decided to offer you both. Maybe the more classic ones will go for trousers and the chicer ones will go for the skirt-skorts? A quick Tip! Keep both and combine them depending on how you feel every morning- you decide! ;)

Dresses & blazers in satin tones

Is it possible that our mind has been transported to the most comfortable looks? It's possible. But we're sure you're also in the mood to dress up and add more dressed up items to your casual looks, The Desire Shop always comes to the rescue! We bring you our mini collection of satin dresses and jackets in different colours.

They are designed so that you can wear them as an outfit or separately, with sneakers or heeled mid-boots. This is what we are known for at TDS COLLECTION , for offering versatile garments that you can wear 365 days a year.

We want you to tell us which is your favourite colour and if you miss any of them! Tell us on our website, on social networks or by visiting our physical shops in Boiro (A Coruña)

The perfect dress to wear with trainers

Returning to the path of the most comfortable outfits, we created the basic and long cotton dresses, a design that makes them the perfect garment to wear when we don't know what to wear: tds dress + trainers = guaranteed success!

If you've been following us for a long time and you're a regular customer, we're sure you're familiar with the design and especially the print. Right! The prints that accompany our most comfortable dresses are the same as the stickers we give away with your orders. You liked them so much that they had to be printed on our garments.

Pair our dresses with a knitted cardigan for in-between seasons, a denim jacket for autumn days and a biker or quilted jacket for colder winter days. We're not lying when we say that they can be worn all year round!

Basic T-shirts or T-shirts with shoulder pads?

We hope the answer is: both! Do you have to choose? Yes, thanks to the great prices we have at The Desire Shop you don't have to choose. Here we are crazy about perfect basics and that is achieved with special little details.

In our collection you will find shirts with armhole shoulder pads and also short sleeves, the latest trend in street style! As well as cotton dresses, you can also discover T-shirts with fun prints, bigger or smaller.

For the more classic ones, we have designed the striped t-shirts with V-neckline (a classic with a capital letter) and the plain t-shirts with the detail of a coloured pocket with a diamond on the chest.